Freedom of Creative Expression (at a price)

Famous Rob points us to this eBay auction from the depths of his ad-pit.

Mother are guest-editing the February ’07 issue of Creative Review and are auctioning off one page in the magazine on which the the winning bidder is invited to “express themselves”.

Nice idea, and very ‘on brand’ for the guys from the Biscuit Building – I’m sure it’ll do very well for them on the PR front (the auction’s only a couple of days old and already the hits are nudging the 2,000 mark).

If I’m being super-critical, however, wouldn’t they have been better off running a lottery-style system to give the page away? A page in CR would provide a great canvas for a hungry young artist / creative team / designer etc. to showcase their talents, but most of these guys will never be able to afford the cost of the auction (already more than £1,000).

A level playing field might have made this stunt slightly more exciting, rather than simply letting an already established force buy their way in.

Come on guys, you were all juniors once…


One Response to “Freedom of Creative Expression (at a price)”

  1. Oakie Says:

    Hi – That’s brilliant idea. 1000 pounds is not affordable. Your suggestion is nice and much better.

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