Logging the Mundane

What is it with Twitter?

If you haven’t heard of it, pop over there and take a look. It’s a social site that acts as a repository for you to record your day-to-day actions, be they exciting and interesting, or prosaic and mundane. You can update via the web, mobile or IM, and can request updates on your friends actions which can be delivered to your phone (or via an RSS feed). I’m pretty addicted.

But why do it? Does anyone really want to know that I had a fish finger sandwich tonight? Or that I was meeting Publicis this afternoon? And why do I want to tell people all this stuff?

I thought the novelty would have worn off by now, but if anything, I’m getting more into it. I’ve been evangelising about it at work, updating more regularly, and even started putting a friends list together.

At least I’m not alone. A number of luminaries from the planning blogosphere are in on it (I imagine the number of twitterers that are also bloggers is very high) and I’ve had much fun over recent weeks following Russell‘s flitting around London’s agencies and Dan‘s food experiences.

All very voyeuristic – I’ve never met either of these chaps but I feel like I know them pretty well – and that’s part of the appeal. From a readers perspective, it’s like an everyday soap-opera. And from a writers perspective? Well we pesky prosumers can’t help producing. Even when it’s logging what we had for dinner.

And best of all, twitter has given rise to the Hamlet-esque ‘blog within a blog’. How very postmodern.


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