Fun with Beta

I’ve just migrated over to beta blogger, and as such am having fun with all of the new tools. Please excuse any incongruities that may appear on this blog over the next 24hrs, it’s just my continued inability to grasp even a basic understanding of HTML.


4 Responses to “Fun with Beta”

  1. FishNChimps Says:

    Persevere. It took me days to work out the new way of using HTML. It’s marginally easier once you get your head around it. There are still some tweaks I need to work out on mine.

  2. mediawasp Says:

    It’s a bit of a nightmare, but a lot better than the old version. Still not sure fully how to use it though …

  3. Oakie Says:

    I am thinking about switching to Beta too. Should i do it now?

  4. Doug Says:

    oakie, go for it. once you’ve got to grips with it, it’s far more user friendly

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