Crazy Golf

You’re Nike. You’ve got a new range of golf balls out that are “designed for more carry and distance”. So how do you promote them?

Show Tiger whacking them 300 yards down a fairway? Or fire them through everyday objects, capture it in glorious slow motion and invite suggestions as to what should be obliterated next?

I don’t play golf. But if I ever take it up I’ll remember that Nike have a cool range of golf balls.


2 Responses to “Crazy Golf”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looks pretty fly.

    Reminds me of two other things I’ve seen recently, the blender ad, and the Nintendo Wii website, both on a similar ‘showing the product in action’ flex.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    To me, this is literally slice of life. Cos when I play golf, I’m literally slicing my ball off onto freeways, retirement homes and cake stands. A very relevant demo for my golf game!

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