Cognitive Mechanisms & The Creative Process

Another cracker from Tasty Research.

Ever wondered what the cognitive process is behind creative thinking? (Of course you have). T.R. points us to Liane Gabora of the Université Libre de Bruxelles , who published a paper in 2002 outlining how cognition changes as the creative process develops, which although pretty heavy for a layman such as myself, makes for a worthwhile read. I found the discussion around memory and ‘mind architecture’ particularly interesting (it covers some similar ground, in parts, to Erik Du Plessis’ ‘The Advertised Mind’).

Have a look at the full paper here. Not entirely sure how useful this will be on a day-to-day level, but geeks like me will probably quite enjoy it.

NB – Apologies for the absence of (even an attempt at) any remotely intelligent analysis or commentary on this. It’s a bit late and my brain’s a bit fried. Perhaps it’s a job for tomorrow lunchtime…


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