Low Involvement Processing – Simpsons Style

There was a post over on CMM recently showing a great Derren Brown clip. It’s very good – he basically uses various sibliminal techniques to help ‘suggest’ the content of an ad that he briefs two creatives on. The denouement – ta-da – is an ad produced by the creatives that it almost identical to a pre-prepared (and hitherto hidden) Brown effort.

This reminded me of a great Simpsons clip that I’ve seen a few times that, in its own inimitable way, also demonstrates the power of subliminal advertising, or to use the parlance of our times, low involvement processing (yes, I know we could argue that these two are different, but please humour me…).

Have a look here and enjoy. (The clip in question runs approximately between 3’15” and 4’20” – just click and drag to get to the correct section. Apologies, my time doesn’t stretch to editing a clip at the moment!)


4 Responses to “Low Involvement Processing – Simpsons Style”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately the version this links to doesn’t have any sound

  2. Doug Says:

    doh! my bad – should be fixed now

  3. FishNChimps Says:


    it’s gone

  4. Doug Says:


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