Use and Abuse of Outdoor

Ah, outdoor. The grandfather of advertising formats.

There’s something about outdoor that’s great. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s probably rooted somewhere in the ‘fame’ that the medium can bring to brands (and the very dimly reflected glory that the planner feels somewhere down the line).

Also, whenever something slightly risqué is slapped up with paper and paste, it always feels a little bit naughtier, I guess because unlike with mags or niche TV stations, it’s as likely that your nan will see it as you will.

And with the explosion of outdoor formats, from ambient to digital and everywhere in between, the scope for creating comedy out of the context has increased too (as well as the scope for being incredibly crass and lazy, as Iain points out).

For a global view of the good, the bad and the ugly of outdoor creativity (you decide where Ronny Mac throwing up his gang signs sits), this (already well linked) blog is well worth a visit.

And finally, if you ever wanted to appear on a 48sheet, now’s your chance (I think this is quite old, but nevertheless, is still quite cool).


One Response to “Use and Abuse of Outdoor”

  1. Vando Says:

    Hey Doug

    The Macca’s ad made me laugh. I’m gonna ask a dumb question and correct me if I’m wrong here but are Macca’s taking the piss out of themselves? If so, it would have to be one of the few occasions where the brand is probably enamouring itself to teens in a pretty cool way. I like it.

    This is obviously a UK ad and I don’t think we’d ever see something like that here in Australia. Shame.

    Also, thanks for the link to billboardcom. Some brilliant stuff. I was in the UK a few months back and realised that Australia is becoming such a conservative society. Dodgy deals by the govt with the Christian right are turning us into a nation of do-gooders where the antics on Big Brother cause national outrage. So it’s nice to see other countries having the balls to come up with creative that might shock some but at least get a showing.

    We have a view here in Oz that England is a conservative country. Whilst elements of it surely are, at least there’s a balance. There’s a creative energy and dynamism present in youth culture, music and advertising etc. Over here, perhaps we’re used to having nothing to fight for so we end up just happily moving along with the flow. And I’m not sure most people are aware of where the current’s taking us.

    Mmm, I think there is a blog post in there somewhere. Funny where you can go after seeing an ad with Ronald McDonald in it!


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