News International – World Police

The front page of The Sun today carried the funniest headline I’ve seen in a while.

The recipe for success: take a major current affairs issue, add a reference to an appallingly derivative and distressingly popular Saturday night TV show, mix with the obligatory pun and, just for good measure, use a comedy photo from a recent flick. The result – quite possibly a classic. (Though I’m not sure what South Korea would have to say about being lumped in with their northern friends as simply ‘Korea’)

I’m not a massive Sun fan. They have tons of faults. And at times, the circulation figures really worry me (3m+ people in the UK have it as their main current affairs frame of reference).

But… you can’t argue with material like the above.

Wonder what the man himself would think? No doubt he’d love the attention, after all, he is ronery, so ronery…. 😉

(photo from Tom Coates‘ flickr)


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