How Not to do Customer Service

A modern day tale of internet shopping woe:

Washing machine ordered Sunday 24th September. £30 paid for next day delivery.

Next day, washing machine doesn’t turn up.

Customer service called on Tuesday (four phone calls to get through), no apology when contact finally made. Promised delivery on Friday, with a call in the morning to confirm time. Had to argue to get £30 refunded.

No call by Friday lunchtime. Customer service called, hung up on three times whilst “on hold”.

Email sent Friday PM to cancel order.

Monday morning, phone call from customer service saying cancellation was not possible, and that delivery charge would be levied if the house was empty when delivery turned up. Delivery promised Monday afternoon.

Monday, 20.30, no delivery. No answer from customer service throughout the afternoon.

Congratulations – you truly are experts in customer care and retention!

This experience has really highlighted the critical importance of having a reliable return path for consumers to reach a company – poor delivery is one thing, but spending hours getting ignored on the phone and having non-returned emails stacking up is a killer for a brand.

All it would have taken is an easily accessible customer service rep, an honest apology, and a bit of action, and the negative experience is flipped into a positive one.

What would Seth say?!


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