Shock Tactics

I like crisps. And I need to lose weight (definitely a causal relationship).

However, I’m not sure whether or not this new British Heart Foundation ad will make me think any differently about my crispy fried friends. I know they’re high fat. I know I shouldn’t eat them – but I will continue to do so (in moderation, hopefully), because they taste so good.

I’ve got doubts as to whether shock tactics like this really work in the long term. Essentially, you’re pitching rational thought (too much fat is very bad and look how much fat is in crisps) versus emotion (I love crisps and they do taste great). And as we know, in this age-old battle, emotion usually wins.

It may serve to make people who didn’t know quite how much fat was in crisps to understand what they’re eating I suppose. But to the rest of us, I’m not sure what it will do.

The notion behind the campaign is commendable, of course, (and merely a part of a much larger trend that we’re all acutely aware of) and the BHF is obviously a greatly important institution (and the ad is getting loads of PR). It just seems as if this (in-house, I believe) ad is a little lazy.

Also, have a look at the kid-targeted website that BHF have put together. Again, very worthy and a very important subject, just not sure that it’s actually going to do much. Saying that, in the few moments I’ve been thinking about this, I can’t think of a better solution.

Would be an interesting brief though.


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