Buying Cool

I promised myself I wouldn’t post about this. But something struck me when looking at the list.

Isn’t it interesting, that out of the top 10 “cool brands” (as voted recently in a YouGov/Cool Brands Council survey), only three brands spend any serious money on traditional ATL advertising (over £2m, according to NMR data) – iPod, B&O, Green & Blacks (and the latter two just scrape £2m):

1. Aston Martin (Automotive) 2. Alexander McQueen (Clothing) 3. iPod (Technology & Communication) 4. Agent Provocateur (Clothing) 5. Bang & Olufsen (Technology & Communication) 6. Google (Internet) 7. Green & Blacks (Food) 8. Tate Modern (Leisure & Entertainment) 9. Jimmy Choo (Footwear) 10. Vivienne Westwood (Clothing)

What does this show? We already knew it – cool can’t be bought.


2 Responses to “Buying Cool”

  1. faris Says:

    Hey Doug!

    Interesting observation – I wonder if there is a more specific causal relationship here – cool is perceived as being the domain of the few, therefore by being very active in ATL in some ways negates the possibilty of being cool, except for brands that have carefully nurtured cool credentials for years with the relevant groups?

  2. Doug Says:

    Hi Faris,

    Completely agree.

    By its very (exclusive) nature, everything can’t be cool – so does the very act of mass brand promotion (old-school ATL) preclude entry from this funky club? As with everything, there are a few exceptions that I can think of, but by and large this makes sense to me

    I think you may be on to something!

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