This is Living, PS3 style

So the PS3 won’t launch in the UK until March ’07 at the earliest. Booo.

Sony are still releasing the TBWA/Stream work however, and some of the three-minute spots are already doing the rounds on the web.

All filmed in HD (natch), the short-films dramatise the power and prowess of the console by articulating various elements of the system via real-world scenarios.

The only spot I’ve seen so far – Real-time – features a boxer, characterising the PS3’s powerful ‘human’ ability to intelligently learn and react to player strategies and tactics.

According to MediaGuardian, another, ‘Blu-ray’, features an avid collector to illustrate Blu-ray technology’s capability for storing information. Other films showcase the console’s speed, graphics capability, and the ability to use body-movement to play games.

They’re brave (we’re talking almost 20 mins of content), inventive (I love the idea of taking a humanist approach to illustrate the various console facets), and above all (from what I’ve seen) entertaining: they’re sure to be a hit. It’ll be interesting to see how many views they’ve all racked up on the web by the time the console actually launches.

I wonder if they’ll consider doing a final spot, perhaps set at an airport or something, entitled ‘delay’, perhaps?


One Response to “This is Living, PS3 style”

  1. Rob Mortimer Says:

    Or maybe one about a Kebab shop titled “Expectations and Disappointments”

    Bring on the Wii 😀

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