The Art of Presenting

I stumbled upon this Malcolm Gladwell presentation about his book, Blink, today (via Crackunit). (Obviously I don’t need to bore everyone by eulogising about his books here – we all know how excellent he is).

Makes you think, doesn’t it? Obviously the content is excellent, but it’s the lack of slides that I love. Also, Gladwell presents not like a lecturer, but like a story-teller. When the afro’d one speaks, you listen.

Imagine being able to present like that? I think I should start working on it… 🙂


One Response to “The Art of Presenting”

  1. Lee McEwan Says:

    The first lesson I learnt about presentating was to really really know my material.

    The second thing I learnt was to never use slides as a prompt for what I wanted to say but instead to use it to introduce examples or supporting evidence.

    Both were easier said than done when the timescale was short, I was new to a subject and I was being asked to present a document that could also serve as a leave-behind (a research debrief).

    As Gladwell shows here, a lecture is always more compelling than a presentation. He is the focus, not his slides. To be able to do this well you have to really really know your material. I suppose it helps to be a one-trick pony and not a generalist in situations like this!

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